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Setup & Breakdown

  1. Our team will set everything up on the day of the event. When the event’s start time is before 11:00 a.m., we can set it up the day before.

  2. The space designated for the setup needs to be free of furniture and clean at the time when we arrive. We will not be responsible for moving furniture, trampolines or clearing out the area.

  3. Everything included in the setting must be returned in the same good condition as it was received and it will be picked up as soon as the event ends. 

  4. We are responsible for disassembling our setting and picking it up only. Please be aware that we do not clean up party trash.

Safety & Cleanliness

All our furnishings are curated thinking about your child’s safety and the good care of your house. Our setups meet the highest safety and cleanliness standards​​

  • Pillow covers, linens and blankets are professionally cleaned and they come in a plastic bag directly from the cleaner.

  • Rugs are vacuumed, sprayed and spot cleaned after an event.

  • String lights are battery-operated and do not present a hazard.

  • Non-slip mats are placed under mattresses, wooden crates and rugs so they stay in place.

  • Every teepee pole has a rubber or silicone floor protector.

  • Items are replaced if necessary. You won’t see any wear and tear on our stuff.

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